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6 USB + 3 AC Power Socket

Sale price ₱999.00 Regular price ₱499.00


☑️ It is safe to use locally and overseas

The Total Adapter Input is AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

Which means it fits the low Voltage of Japan and US (100 / 120 Volt).

As well as higher Voltages of the Philippines, China and Europe (220 Volt). 

Its capacity is 2500 Watts. For comparison, a laptop usually charges at ~60 Watts and a phone only at ~5 Watts.

In addition, it's made of fireproof ABS plastic and PVC copper cable, which guarantees Overload Protection for any gadget.


☑️ Easy to bring on travels

It weights less than 500g and the dimensions are 162mm x 97mm x 38mm.

So it comfortably fits in a backpack or even a handbag.


☑️ It is stable when using a plugged in phone

The unique wide-based design provides a stable base and prevents it from tipping over, when pulling on a plugged in cable.

And the Non-Slip Rubber Pads make it stay in place on tile or wooden flooring.


☑️ Place it anywhere

It has a 2 meter cord with which one can place it anywhere in the room.


☑️ It looks good even when using at home

With the modern Japanese minimalist design, it's a great addition the the living- and bedroom at home.


☑️ and of course it has enough USB and AC slots to fit all our gadgets at once. :)

The 6 USB Ports support Auto-ID which identifies the right power output for any device. Each port charges up to 3.4A at DC 5V.

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